Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sewing Machine Drawers

Hello, Diana here with today's post. Here at TST we are in Spring Clean mode, after cleaning and getting rid of unnecessary supplies the next step is to Organize and Rearrange. We all have different methods to keep our supplies at sight so we don't forget to use them, here are a few of mine.

My favorite are Vintage Sewing Machine Drawers because they are also nice decoration, I bought these two at a local thrift store that had lots of interesting treasures.

This one holds my Cotton twine and Hemp ropes.

And this one holds all my Chalk and Color box inks.

I purchased this drawer at Etsy. This one is on top of my computer desk, at hands reach because it has all my Tags.

The loops and idea to make the dividers are from 7 Gypsies, HERE are more cool ideas.

Also very close to my desk are these Ball Mason Jars that hold Washi Tape, Bakers Twine and Seam Binding Ribbon.

And there you have it, a few organization ideas.

Hope you all have a great day


3 Scrappy thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ideas Di, I need your scrappy room! :)


Julie Boeck said...

I love the way you organized!!!!

Kristin said...

Cool stuff Di! Your room is looking so inviting and pretty!