Friday, March 9, 2012

Hels told us to 'Get Arty'... so we did!

Happy Friday Scrappy Tree-ers!  Today I have a post to share with you about my first ever crafting class, which I attended last Sunday (if you chat with us at The Scrappy Tree Facebook Branch, you'll know we were talking about classes recently) - and this is what I made!

The workshop was called 'Get Arty' and was taught by Hels Sheridan at a rather fabby shop full of all scrappy goodness in Wantage (in England) called The Stamp Attic, which is owned by a friend of The Scrappy Tree called Wendy :)
Me and Wendy in the shop!

You can see Hels' original project here, and Wendy's post about the day here (yes I tried to distract them from my lack of scrappy skills with cake LOL) which will give you some idea of the products used - to be honest we had such a great time and were concentrating so hard it's difficult to remember the names of all the products!  There really were a lot of layers to this; painting, stamping, triple embossing, crackle varnish etc etc etc..!  I had blue Smurf fingers for two days!!

One of the best things about a class like this is that it introduces you to products and techniques that you might not have used before, and instead of trying them as you work your way through a magazine article or someone's blog step-by-step, you've got not only a live demonstration but also someone to come and rescue you when you need help! lol

Have to say that we had a wonderful time there, not only meeting Wendy and Hels but all the rest of the lovely ladies (including Caz who was a wonderful assistant!  Kept us topped up with tea and coffee and still made a beautiful creation of her own!)

Hoping you have some crafty time in your weekend :) thanks for visiting with us today, happy scrapping!!

Gayle xx

5 Scrappy thoughts:

Helen said...

Love your canvas, and the class sounds like a load of fun. I've only ever shopped online from Wendy, I would love to be able to get to the shop itself...

dianapena8 said...

What a Beautiful Canvas Gayle, and it sounds like you had a great time; this class is so you with all the cool techniques =D

The Scrappy Tree said...

Thanks Helen and Di! :) the class was wonderful Helen, if you can make it there definitely worth the trip :) we travelled there from South Wales so it was over 2 hours drive but such such a great class :)

Gayle xx

Michelle said...

I agree, it does sound like you had a really good time. Your project is lovely!! I think you are right, it is easier to learn new techniques with some right there to guide you.

Caz said...

It was a great workshop, wasn't it Gayle?!?!?!and a good one to be your first intro to classes too - Hels always comes up with some beautiful things to make. Loved your blue version of the project!
I only do the tea/coffee duties 'cause I drink so much of the stuff and it would be rude not to make everyone else a cup at the same time :-)
Happy crafting