Thursday, March 1, 2012

National Craft Month

So March is National Craft Month in the US, and it's a great time to expand your stash of craft supplies and to try some new things because a lot of manufacturers, sellers and other crafty types will be putting together some special offers this month!

Here at The Scrappy Tree we'd like to try this out on a smaller scale, so we're inviting you to take part in a March Spring Clean!  It's time to get organised and sort out those scrappy supplies to make room for some new ones, so if you'd like to swap or sell some scrappy items you no longer want/need/have room for, we'll be opening up an album on our Facebook branch where you can post some pictures of your items and hopefully make contact with another group member who could use them!

To take part, visit the March Spring Clean album at The Scrappy Tree Facebook Branch and upload some photos of your items with a description, specifying whether you prefer to sell and/or swap.  If you see items you're interested in, please leave a comment under that picture in the album or contact the person directly to let them know!

Happy Spring Cleaning!  We'll be keeping the album open for the month of March, so hopefully people will join in and get some great items!

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