Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Binding Mini Album Tutorial

Hello, Diana here with this months tutorial, a week late but here it is. First I would like to talk about my mini albums theme "29 Days of Love", this is a fun series hosted by Alissa Fast in the month of February, and this year I decided to play along.

My first post binding album is very similar to our regular scrapbooking albums. 

These Posts are the stars of this tutorial, you can purchase them separately at a craft store or gather the leftover ones you have from the packages of plastic sleeves used for scrapbooking albums. 

To make the front and back covers you'll need to cut from a piece of carton 2 pieces of 8.5" X 4" and 2 pieces of 1" X 4".

I used a piece of velveteen fabric for my covers, you can also use paper. Position the pieces of carton as shown, glue them to your fabric making sure to leave a gap between the two pieces of carton.
Cut the corners of the fabric and fold the edges onto the carton. Repeat these same steps with the second cover.

Cut a 9.5" X 3.5" piece from pattern paper. Glue this to the inside of the cover. I had some leftover paper with a border that I glued to the top for extra decoration.

Punch out the holes in the small hinged area, it is recommended to first make the holes on the album pages and then use that as a template for the cover.

This is the back cover, position the posts and start adding your pages from back to front.

Once all the pages are in, screw the final piece of the post.

I used legal size cardstock to make the inside pages, I first cut my paper to a 8" width, and then scored a 1" line on the right side, this is important for your pages to flip easily. 

From that paper I cut out 3.5" pages.

Here are a few of my finished pages, I used paper and some embellishments from Crates Random Collection.

Alissa gave us a prompt for each day, for some I used photos I already had and for others I took new photos.

As usual I used the same design for each page, this is something I like to do to give the album a uniform look and it also helps me work faster.

Here is another view of the finished album. 

And this is how it looks open.

With this method it is very easy to flip through the pages.

And your pages are very secured.

My Second album has a simple post binding.

Score a line on the left side of your front cover and pages. Punch the holes on your paper and covers. Put the post through the back cover, album pages an finally front cover, screw the front piece.

Here is a side view, the posts make a nice decoration

Well, as always I hoped I was able to bring some inspiration to your day.

Till next week!


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