Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Have you ever purchased a scrapbooking kit and once you are almost done using it still have leftover embellishments? This happened to me with a kit I got last year; it came with a complete package of these Melody Ross Chipboard Stickers

I only used a couple of them on layouts, and they are to pretty to just put away for some future project that will never be created; so I decided to make some ATC’s using also the scraps of paper and several other embellishments I had leftover from that same kit.

I used ATC cards from 7 Gypsies, the black card with a Tab and the 97% complete cards.

My Dymo came in hand to add some extra words.

This is something I’ll definitely do again, once I have time to sort through my embellishment basket.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Day!


2 Scrappy thoughts:

Jean said...

Those are so cute! Great idea!

Julie Boeck said...

Wow! You made a ton! Great atcs!