Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WCP Wednesday

It's time again for the WCP challenge.

I am going to tweak things a bit, instead of trying to tackle all three elements in one challenge, we will focus on one of the three ( Words, Colors or Pictures) but it will still be something different each month. AND it will now take place on the first Wed. of the month. That way we can give Art Journal Friday time to wrap up and not run into the Inspiration challenge.

So here we go!

This month, we are going to create: ATC's

The challenge element is: A Color

Gold Abundance

I love this color, it reminds me of Greece or other Mediterranean islands, where all the colors are bold and cheerful, the foods vibrant and spicy and the weather is warm and the sea inviting. I think with all the crazy weather reports I have heard recently,
we can all do with an early vacation :)

The goal: to create an ATC or a family of ATC's in the color scheme above between now and next month.

I'm going to play along with you, my project will be posted on our Scrappy Community, here.

Hope to see you there!

K xx

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