Saturday, February 19, 2011

Grandmother and Graphic 45 inspired Wall Hanging

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I am enjoying a lovely day of rain, pj's, coffee, and a Colin Firth Marathon, started with the Bridget Jones movies, moving onto Love Actually and will end with Pride and Prejudice. I may throw in Nanny Mcphee if I can figure out where :)

Today I wanted to share a vintage inspired wall hanging I did. Graphic 45's latest releases were the start of the inspiration but once I dug into my stash and came across my Grandmothers old doilies and doll clothes, I felt even more inspired. She not only was quite a crafty person and known for her hand sewn Barbie and Doll clothes she sold, but she had a reputation as a fashionista as well. Being a See's Candy Girl for over 40 years was a perfect fit for her, since their uniform was always so clean and elegant. Growing up, I never remember seeing her without driving gloves and some sort of pearls or dangling earrings. When she passed away, I adopted all of her old stolls, gloves, sewing baskets and many more suitcases of treasures. Below a few of my favorites from today's adventure into her lovely things, I will try to pull out more later.

Some of her Doilies, aren't they lovey? I can't make myself use them but I like looking at them :)

These were her felt elf's that she made every Christmas. I love the pattern on the far left, I wish you could see first hand how worn out it is :)

This is a look inside one of her sewing baskets, lots of layers to dive into. I see one of her dolls dresses on top, she loved pink :)

On to my wall hanging inspired by the treasures above, these Graphic 45 papers remind me of her hair on older pictures, especially a old flapper dress I remember seeing her in.

I mixed a few layers for this project, some of her vintage pattern paper was used, the doilies will have to wait :) I pleated the pattern paper with some lace and an image off of some Steampunk G45 paper and added an old floral pin that seemed to fit. I also added a few crystal clear vintage buttons, some paper flowers in the perfect hue and as many layers of the gorgeous G45 paper I could find that would fit.

Well that's about all for today. I hope regardless of whatever weather you are having or chores you are catching up on, you all have an enjoyable weekend and hopefully a day off for President's Day if you are here in the states.

See you soon!


8 Scrappy thoughts:

gayle said...

A beautiful project and some beautiful memories :) xx

Heather Landry said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely memories. Your project looks absolutely amazing!

I wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for the prize I won in the Valentine's festivities! The little notebook is so cute!

Jean said...

Those are such wonderful treasures. Just love the layout you did!

Lamoo12 said...

This is really neat. I am giving you an award. Visit to grab your award. Save and place on your blog. List 8 things about you and pick 8 stylish blogs to pass the award on just like I passed to you!

Julie Boeck said...

Your Grandmother's items are truely treasures! Her doillies are magnificent! I don't blame you a bit for not using them on a project! The wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous!!!

dianapena8 said...

You got lots of Beautiful Treasures from your grandmother K :)
Loving how you used the patten paper, and all those layers look fantastic =D

humel said...

Mmmm, Colin Firth.....

Sorry, got distracted! I already commented on this on your own blog, it is gorgeous :-)

I also wanted to thank you for my Valentine's prize! It arrived today, many thanks xx

Erica said...

Love it!! You should scan those doilies and make your own patterned paper with them. If you do, be sure to email me a copy! :)