Monday, October 24, 2011

All-Hallows-Even (evening) Party!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Okay, well I think so at least :)

Hi bloggers, since Halloween is my favorite time of year to plan a party,I thought I would share some of my projects and prep for them.

To get you inspired, here is a nice link to the history of Halloween:

First up, one of my favorite things to make around Halloween is chocolate suckers and all the like. This year I chose Witches and Mummies

For the Mummies, I used a foot mold, large marshmallows, white chocolate, black candy coloring, pre-made eyeballs, sucker sticks, bags and a few zip locks.

Simple steps: melt chocolate, color it to your preference or don't, your choice on what color you want your mummies to be. Let sit for a few minutes, place a six inch stick into the top of the marshmallow, dip the marshmallow in the chocolate, coating it all, then set aside to dry on wax paper. While those chill, fill a foot mold of your choice with white chocolate, place in the fridge to chill. Once the marshmallows are dry, trim the bottoms as needed. using the melted chocolate as glue, place some on the top of the feet toward the back and press the marshmallow body on to the feet. Next, use the chocolate as glue for the eyes, placing where you will see them best. Once dry (5 mins) melt more chocolate, but not too hot, move it to a zip lock bag, cut a small hole in the corner and drizzle the secondary color over the body and feet creating the mummified look. Place in a 1 pound decrotive clear bag with ribbon. (2) One pound bags of chocolate makes 12 bodies, all the feet and the drizzle need for the mummification.

These are a little more involved. Make the bodies the same as the mummies. I used light green chocolate and mixed yellow candy dye to make the mossy green. Fill the hat mold with chocolate,(dyed black), fill the witches shoes/legs with part green and part black, (see picture for sample. Once the legs are ready, drizzle orange over green legs to create socks. When the hats are done , use luster dust of your choice to accent the hats details. I used two different hats and super gold, bright orange and a shiny bright green. Add the eyes with melted chocolate, make the nose by using the end of a stick and build up the green chocolate where the nose will be, add a spec of black on the tip for a mole. Use a toothpick in red to make the mouth.Attach the legs as you would the mummie, place the stick toward the back top of the marshmallow. Next add rope licorice for hair, using the black chocolate for the hair glue. Next attach the hat to the backside of the hat, adhering it to the stick to secure. Let dry, place in clear bag and ribbon. They make great gifts!!

For the Witches: large marshmallows, witch hat and boot molds, light green, orange, red and dark chocolate melt-able chocolate, sucker sticks, bags, rope black licorice for witches hair, pre-made eyes and luster dust for painting.

Next up, the decorations! This year I am making a few things, the first thing I have already finished, my spooky pumpkin. I cut a fake carvable pumpkin in half, sprayed it in supper 77, added a layer of glitter, then used toothpicks and kebob sticks to attach some Spooky messages.

Join me for Halloween night and see what I do with this mess!

Thanks for stopping today , I hope some of my projects inspire you to get spooky and enjoy the purple, green , orange and black combo that only works this time of year!



PS. Thanks to those of you for stopping by this past weekend for our blog hop Halloween Party, we appreciate you taking the time to leave us such awesome messages.

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Jean said...

Such cute projects! Want to come to my house? I could use your creativity!

dianapena8 said...

So YUMMY!!!! I never thought I would want to eat a mummy and a witch lol Loving your decoration, can't wait to see what you make on the 31st =D

Plumrose Lane said...

Everything looks so delicious AND adorable! Wishing you magickal travels this season!

gayle said...

These look amazing!! Love it all :) can't wait to see your project later in the week :)

Micupoftea~ said...

Cute, cute! Also, love the mini album :)
Have a great weekend...I really enjoyed the info and pics about Dia de Los Muertos.