Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Accordion Mini Album Tutorial

 Hello, Diana here with this month’s Mini Album tutorial. In my search for new ways of making mini albums I went to the library and walked out with five books, today’s album is from: How to Make Books by Esther K. Smith. I really liked the Business Card Holder she made and decided to make it in a bigger size.

 You’ll need a Wide Strip of paper that is thin enough to fold in both directions.
To be able to take a picture of the two first steps I used a piece of cardstock, for the album I used some craft type wrap paper I purchased at Michaels.

Cut the paper to a desired length; fold the entire width of the paper to make the pocket flap.

 Accordion fold the piece, leave a short fold at both ends to secure the back and cover.

This will be the body of the album. For the cover I used a Pink Paislee 4”X6” Flash Card from their Daily Junque ephemera pack, and for the back I cut a piece of carton and painted it with acrylic paint.
Here are the three parts of the album:

Now comes the part where we decorate the accordion, I used different papers from Crates Restoration collection, unless your folds were perfect (mine were not) I recommend that you measure each space before cutting the paper pieces.

This is how the front looks

And the back, I added a manila envelope to the end. 
Both ends are left without decoration because that is where the covers will be glued to.

Affix the cover pieces to the paper accordion; you can add ribbon between the covers and accordion to tie a bow.

It’s time to add the photos. The fun part of this album is to be able to tuck stuff in the pockets, I used tags and Maya Roads Kraft and Transparencies Doilies.

Here is a view of the closed album

And a view of the open album

A close up of the first page, I decorated the back of the flash card with some pattern paper.

Thanks to the pocket design I was able to add 20 photos plus the 5 I put inside the manila envelope. Here is how I did it:
Each pocket has a photo glued to the flap.

The tag inside has photos on the front.

And on the back.

This is how I used the manila envelope

The Photos that are kept inside

I left the back of the album simple only adding pictures.

And there you have it, a very easy to make Accordion Mini Album. 

The one on the book was left with no decoration inside and the covers were made out of playing cards, I plan on making one of those also to keep a few business cards handy.

I hope you get some inspiration from today's tutorial. Have an Amazing Day!


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gayle said...

This is absolutely stunning Di :) love the look of all the different layers! Fantastic :) tfs! xx

Gez said...

Wow! Fabulous book! Great to see so many photos along the way.. I would love to try making one of these..thanks for showing us how to..xx

Hope everyone is well at The Scrappy Tree..sorry it's been a while since I called, my father recently passed away and my life hasn't been the same since! Hoping to get back into crafting asap!

Have a great day. Gez.xx

Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous!

Erica said...

ohhhh Di! I LOVE it! What a fantastic design. A great way to add a lot of photos and all the other trinkets we save. I am definitely going to try this one!

Jean said...