Monday, October 24, 2011

Having the kids go batty!

Hello everyone! It's Julie here with a simple Halloween craft activity to do with the kids. We are going to make a Halloween bat hanger that the kids can proudly display in your house. First we start off with some basics. We have: yellow, black, light purple and white cardstock. Construction paper will also work well. I have a small plate and a small circular lid as well.

The small circular plate is for tracing around and creating the moon for the Halloween hanging. Depending on the skill set of the child, the child could do this for themselves.

Once the moon is made, I took the smaller circular lid to trace around make the bat's face. Since I was working with 7 kids ages 4 and under, I did the tracing the cutting beforehand.

The bat's wings are going to be made with a child's own hands. Have them place their hands (do both) on the black cardstock and trace around. Watch for the giggles, it always tickles! lol

Cut out the moon, bat face and hands (wings).

Your bat may need some eyes. Cut or punch out two small white circles.

Once everything is cut out, start assembling. Your yellow moon is the base for the hanging decoration. Start by doing a dry run of assembling your bat. Don't use glue yet. Once you are liking the way it looks, begin to glue down. I started by having the kids glue their wings down. Then I had them glue the face on. At this point in the project, I thought our bat needed ears so I clipped off the edges of the leftover black cardstock to have pointed triangle ears. I had the kids glue them above the circular face piece. In the picture below, the kids have glued on the white eye circles and chosen to glue on some colorful googly eyes in the center of the white circles.

I thought we needed a happy bat so I cut out a smile from the light purple cardstock. We added a few white cardstock teeth and we were almost done our project.

Now all we needed to do was to add the finishing touches. Some kids wanted to add some glitter glue to their bats. There are so many fun ways to add some sparkle or additional accents to the bat. Be creative. Once the kids decorated their bats, we needed to make it into a hanging decoration. We used a small hole punch to put a hole in the top of the yellow moon.

Then the final step was to add string or in our case, green pipe cleaner through the hole.

Our finished bats! We had a lot of fun with this craft! Hope this inspires you to get the kids crafty at home!

3 Scrappy thoughts:

gayle said...

Oh how fun is this!! Love it Jules :) glad the kids had fun!

dianapena8 said...

This looks like a very fun project, I might try making one myself :)

Kristin said...

These are adorable !