Friday, January 28, 2011

EBay Auction is now open!

Hi again everyone :)

I'm happy to inform you the eBay auction is up and running, to see all the items up for auction so far, visit;

Remember we have more items coming from all over, so keep watching and if you would like to donate, we will adding items through Feb. 14th,so there is still lots of time to show your support. Email us at, with details about your project, a few pictures and when it will be available and we will send you an address to ship it to.

Reminder: All net proceeds will go to Save the Children via eBay giving works.

Some of my favorites so far are below;

This cool Embellished Felt Heart was donated by Susan Dupre , you can see more of her lovely work here;

This amazing hand-dyed T-shirt was donated by Cori at Peace Baby! Batiks, her Etsy store with lots of other adorable options is here;

Perhaps our funkiest item and what I plan to bid on, this colorful canvas bag was created and donated by Jennie @

The item that makes me the proudest, this beautiful oil heart on canvas was painted by my daughter Dyanna. Isn't she awesome!

Perhaps the best story of all, our neighbor Bradshaw (age 9) came over and saw all of my heart projects and asked what they were for. After I informed him that they were to raise money for the children of Haiti, he got a smile on his face, left abruptly and came back three hours later with this awesome chalk and colored pencil drawing of a heart :) Isn't he the Best!

That's all for now...

* Due to our auction update, Gayle will be posting her Art Journal Friday prompt tomorrow, so please come back for that. And don't forget our promised giveaways, they will start on Feb. 1st :)

Have a wonderful Friday and a relaxing weekend.

Kristin xx

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Joanna said...

They are all beautiful - those last 2 are STUNNING!