Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recipe Book for Christmas

My youngest daughter just moved into her first apartment and has already on each visit back home, asked me, what's in your Spinach dip again?, why do you steam them first?, what goes first in the Seven Layer dip? and is there cheese on top of that ? So guess what she is getting for Christmas, yep! A recipe book with all of our family recipes and a few helpful tips in it!

She has a very eclectic style and absolutely loved decorating her apartment. It's all bright colors, inspired by India fabrics and lanterns, she even covered a wall of her bedroom with violet lace and it looks incredible. So, needless to say that was my theme for her book. It may not hold up in the kitchen that well but she will have the family recipes and it will match her style, I hope!

The book is made with a chipboard front and back cover, natural corrugated paper as the dividers, all covered in DCWV Taj Mahal pattern paper. All the embellishments were random things from my stash that reminded me of her, some I had kept or collected thinking of her, so it was a perfect fit!

I used standard recipe cards that fit the colors of the rest of the book. The dividers tabs were chipboard titles with alpha buttons to mark the section of the book.

I added more bright colored papers to the backside of the corrugated paper, to match all the other color about in the piece and ran a colorful wide marker along the edges of the dividers to brighten up those as well.

This close up of some of the embellishments shows the beautiful pattern paper with elephants and camels parading as well.

Well that's it, on to the next Christmas gift on the list...

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend. I hope it isn't spent inside a mall all day looking for gifts, fighting over parking stalls or shoveling snow.

Enjoy the season and be safe and happy!


4 Scrappy thoughts:

dianapena8 said...

What an amazing gift, I really like your idea of decorating it based on her decor taste and love all the mixed embellis.


Please share that spinach dip recipe with us ;)

Jennie said...

love the book :))

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

What a beautiful recipe book, and lucky daughter to have all of the family's recipes in one place!

Rachel B said...

This looks great :)