Thursday, December 23, 2010

The countdown is on!

Happy Holidays Bloggers!

Well the countdown is on! There is about 1 - 2 days left (depending on what side of the world you are on) before the old guy with the white beard appears. We hope you are winding down your shopping, almost done with your piles of wrapping and ready to enjoy some well deserved time off with friends and family.

All of us here at The Scrappy Tree thought you could use an early Christmas gift, So share what your favorite Christmas song/carol is and why with us below and we will randomly pick a winner to receive our Scrappy bag with some fun scrappy supplies inside. Comment by 11pm PST 12/23, winner to be announced tomorrow and check back in then for another chance to win some more scrappy joy :)

Have a wonderful day!


4 Scrappy thoughts:

Barbara said...

My favourite Carol is "il est né le divin enfant", it is from France and we used to sing it all the time when my sister and I were little back in France.

Now that I am a teacher in the UK, I teach it every year to the kids in school, and we even do a Christmas Concert that includes it (and yes, I well up every single time!). Even my colleagues know it is my favourite one, and last week as an early Christmas present he got me the itunes copy of the song sung by Annie Lennox, it is on her new Christmas album.

So everybody after me:
"il est né le divin enfant,
jouez hautbois résonnez musette!"

(p.s and Merry Christmas all!)

Heather Landry said...

My favorite Christmas carol is "All I Want For Christmas Is You"! Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is a toss up between 'Silent Night' and 'We need a little Christmas.' Granted, the second one may be because my boys have been watching Muppets Family Christmas nonstop for 2 weeks and the song is stuck in my head. Happy Holidays!

~Melanie (Lamoo12)

Sherry Edwards said...

My favourite is a pop song from the early 70s - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day - by Wizzard. It's one of the first Christmas pop songs I remember and has become a classic as it appears on every Christmas compilation album. I suppose it's my favourite because it reminds me of my childhood and very happy times.

Merry Christmas to you all xx