Sunday, April 28, 2013

A knitting post

Just a quickie knitting post today, if you've followed our blog for a while you'll know I pop up with these from time to time!

I've been trying a few things to move on from knit stitch and the inevitable scarf, and with the arrival of my lovely friend's beautiful little girl (congratulations D!!) I went looking for a simple pattern on the internet so that I could send a handmade gift.

I had a small cardboard box hidden away in my stash of things to alter, so covered with some scrapbooking paper and added a little bling thinking it would be useful for keepsakes :)

The booties are knitted from yarn in a very pale yellow/cream colour, with a pink ribbon threaded through to fasten them.

I admit my very first attempt came out at a size to fit a toddler rather than a newborn (I swear I used the right size needles!) but after trying again with smaller needles I was much happier with the size!  I managed to find a cute pair of Mary Janes to match the scrapbooking paper so that baby E would have something stylish to wear too :)

Hope you've had a great weekend, would love to hear about any projects you have going at the moment different to your usual habits :)

Gayle xx

4 Scrappy thoughts:

Anonymous said...

The booties are so cute & the gift box is lovely. I can't knit - or sew, or crochet - to save my life. We were taught in school, but I think that, being left-handed, I just couldn't get my head around the technique.

gayle said...

I'm a leftie too :) my mum says the way I knit looks weird!

Julie Boeck said...

So cute!!

dianapena8 said...

Thank you again Gayle, they are lovely, our weather has been so crazy that baby E has been able to use them lot to keep her little feet warm :)