Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 24- Home made jewelry

One thing that never fails is home made jewelry, you can customize the colors and beads for whoever is getting your creation and of course being made with love is always appreciated by the recipient. Below are a couple of items I made. They are pretty basic, you can get much fancier but for about $20.00, you can purchase enough supplies for a few bracelets, some earrings and a necklace, depending on what type of beads you pick, etc.

This necklace was the last of my gifts to my Mother-in-Law. I used tiger tail as the string base added some brown pearls, raw glass beads and gold dress-maker pearls and filled the space with brown iridescent seed beads. The clasp is a gold toggle clasp, I used about 100 beads total and it took about an hour. If you are making one this size, invest in the bead trays that will hold the beads in their pattern until you are ready to string, they will save you a big hassle in the end.

This Necklace is for my daughter, Dy, she has an eceltic style and loves color! With this one I started with a black chain and added a toggle clasp and beads to the structure. I bought the charm on the end to dress it up and add some weight, she likes big things. All the beads were added by using headpins and creating a loop at the end to connect them to the chain, I thought it added a little bit of interest to each bead. I used a combination of ceramic, glass and foil beads and with this type you use less beads but the time is about the same since you have to attach each bead separately.

A few bracelets with misc. types of beads, clasps and charms.
These can be made for children or adults and will take about
20 to 30 beads to complete. All are strung with tiger tail.

Some orange, yellow and red options, charms dress it up a bit or mixing the types of beads that are used make them interesting.

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Happy Christmas Eve!


7 Scrappy thoughts:

Julie Boeck said...

Gorgeous jewelry! You are super talented!

Chey can cook! (and more) said...


dianapena8 said...

All of them are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! this will make a very nice gift =Di

Jean said...

These are very pretty! Love the red one with the hearts.

Pigott Clan said...

beautiful!! I don't think I could come up with such pretty stuff!

Michelle said...

My gosh Kristin, you are just the crafty queen!!! These are just beautiful!! I love the necklace for your MIL!!!

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

What wonderful gifts. I'm sure they'll all love them!