Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 17- Homemade Candy

The way to their heart is through their stomach...right! Today we bring you a few edible Scrappy creations. These are so simple, quick and everyone likes chocolate!

Let's start with Bark! I use Merkens Chocolate for most of my candy recipes. It is great tasting and can be used in the microwave and melted vs tempering. I go here, The wonderful Classic Cake Decorations store in Garden Grove , CA. Visit the store if you can or the website if you get a chance. If not just ask for Merkens chocolate wherever you search and you will be happy with your results.

For simple Bark, you need a 1 pound bag of chocolate, about 4 oz. of crunch or filler (there are many) a cookie sheet and a microwave. Melt the chocolate in 30 second internals until done, mix in your crunch or filler and pour on to a cookie sheet. Place in the fridge to speed up the setting process (about 10 mins) break into 1 inch by 1 inch pieces and package accordingly.

White Chocolate with peppermint crunch. I added a green edible glitter and some silver and white sprinkles for bling (add while the chocolate is warm)
These cute little boxes were .39 cents in a craft store I visited recently,
they hold just the perfect amount!
Milk Chocolate with Rice Krispies, one of the most popular combos I make. My personal favorite is a white chocolate with lime and raspberry crunch. You can also add some liquid flavors for more variety.

Next up, Chocolate covered pretzels, my favorite! Salty meets sweet! Grab your Merkens chocolate, melt it in a 2 cup glass measuring cup and let it sit for a minute. Decide ahead of time what you will roll it in and prepare that while the chocolate is melting in the microwave. Any type of sprinkles, crushed candy or other sweet treat will work. If I use sprinkles, I make a tin foil pocket, with four sides, to hold all of the sprinkles and roll the pretzels right in that. For this project I bought red and green peppermints and crushed them in a ziplock bag with my wooden meat tenderizer. Dip the pretzel in the chocolate about half way, let the excess chocolate drip off before laying it back down to dry slightly (again, I use tin foil)Once all are dipped wait another minute and begin to roll in your candy or sprinkles, ley back down to dry. I put mine in clear candy bags once complete, and tie with ribbon. You can also pack them with the rest of your holiday goodies or store in an oversized ziplock bag to keep fresh until needed.

Lastly, regarding the packaging at the top of the post. I used clear candy bags and scrapbook paper and some ribbon. I folded the bags, covered the fold in paper and put two holes for ribbon to add some color and help secure the bag shut. These are very simple ways to show someone you care, get scrappy with some chocolate today!

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Julie Boeck said...

Yum!! What a way to wake up this morning, seeing yummy chocolate! Great gift ideas!! They all look fantastic!

Pigott Clan said...

mmm they all look so yummy!!!

dianapena8 said...

A Million Thanks for sharing this with us, they all look yummy and are for sure to make great gifts =Di

Chey can cook! (and more) said...

I may have to try some of these for our work party next Tuesday! said...

ohhh - Love the edible glitter. I have NEVER seen that, but must have some! raspberry and lime sound DELICIOUS!!!! The pretzels make a great snack. Thanks for sharing your yummy treats.

luci said...

aww that chocolate looks sooo good. thanks for these festive, colourful and tasty sounding treats. School hols now, so time to make some yummy things x

Erica@ZunkyChic said...

PS - David was SHOCKED to see glitter on his candy!! :)