Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Bag Gift Pockets

 Hello!  It's Julie here today with a few new paperbag gift pockets for you to look at!  I had mentioned in my previous paperbag pocket post that I had been inspired by Michelle Wooderson's paperbag pockets.  Her's are truly amazing.  You can check some out HERE.
 To make my paper bag pockets, I start with a simple lunch bag that you can get at the grocery store or Walmart.  I have the bottom flap facing up and the opening to my left.
 I then take the right side of the bag (the side with the bottom flap) and fold over to the left, covering my original opening.  Once you fold it this way, turn the bag so the opening is facing away from you.
 Then fold down part of the bag with the bottom flap.  I end up folding down approximately 2 inches.  At this point you can either glue, staple or stitch the bag just the way it is.
 I chose to stitch my bag with the sewing machine.  I run from top to bottom.
 You will be left with two pockets to stuff.  The first is the little one in front.
 The second is the pocket from the original opening.  Lots of place to tuck and stash goodies.  Now once you have done this, you are free to decorate in any way you would like.  Here's a few new ones I made.
 The first paper bag pocket has some wonderful Cosmo Cricket papers on it.  I love those vintage girls!

 I have three small blank notecards tucked into the far pocket of this one.
 The next one has some of the awesome 5 and Dime October Afternoon papers!  I love that line!
 This pocket comes with a little handmade note pad.
 This one is one of my favorites!  I used some scraps for this one! 
This pocket holds 4 bookmarks!
This pocket holds a handmade card that could be given to a good friend!

I love that you can be so creative with paperbag pockets!  Anything goes!  They are wonderful little gifts.  If you have any questions about making them (because I stink at giving directions), please leave your question in the comments!  Also, I did just list these at my etsy shop.  There are a few additional pictures there (particularly with the final pocket shown).  Thanks for stopping by !


5 Scrappy thoughts:

Erica said...

Love it!! Thanks for the tutorial. These would make great gifts. Off to make some!

Amanda said...

That is cute. Thanks for showing how you did it. I"m on a kick about wanting to use paperbags lately for projects.

dianapena8 said...

they are all Extremely Lovely! =D

Jean said...

How cool!! Makes me want to go find a bag!

Kristin said...

Love love love these Julz! You have such a great eye for color and those pockets are so cute and fun! I think I found my valentines this year!