Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Gift Wrapping

 Hello! Diana here, I’ve been seeing on my favorite blogs and on Pinterest beautiful gift wrapping made with scrapbooking supplies.

I wanted to try it myself; I used White paper wrapping, paper doilies, assorted colors of curling ribbon, hemp twine, Bazzill Basics die cut shapes and Chipboard pieces.

Doilies are so pretty and a great decoration for any project.

You might be thinking why take the time to decorate if they are going to rip it open in seconds and toss everything in the trash.

Well, that is why I used curling ribbon, it is not expensive and adds nice color to the gift wrapping. 

Paper Doilies are also sold at a very low price, and you can use those extra Christmas embellishments you've been saving from past years.

For that hostess gift that does not need to be wrapped a nice handmade bow and a thank you note will look great.

You can make it out of ribbon or paper, here is a tutorial: Holiday Gift Bows

Gift wrapping is my least favorite thing to do, but adding a little creativity to the task made it easier and fun.

Hope you all have a great day!


2 Scrappy thoughts:

Erica said...

Di, these are beautiful! I love wrapping presents, and you've given me great ideas.

Jean said...

So pretty!!!