Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, Mod Podge Funday!

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday Funday!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and getting some scrappy time in. Today I wanted to share a few projects I have been working on.

The first is fun and simple and would cost about $8 for you to duplicate. I started with a bare wood Eiffel Tower from Michaels. I think it ran about $4.99 but they have many different things to choose from, ranging from $1- $6.

I started with a layer of black gesso, 1 8 x 8 sheet of the 7 Gypsies Lillie paper and their acrylic travel stamps. I painted the tower first and while it was drying, I stamped the label images (using an ink dye, so it wouldn't run when the Mod Podge was applied) onto the 8x8 sheet of paper. I waited briefly for the ink to dry, cut the labels up and started to lay them down where they seemed to fit shape and design wise. * Note, when using Mod Podge, remember to use it under and over to get a good seal and to protect your image completely.

The thing I like about this is you can do this with your real stubs or tickets or other things you may collect while on a trip and really get to appreciate them in a piece that may just hang out in your house and remind you of your fun time. As I mentioned you can choose from lots of different bare wood items from frames to memory boxes.

Next up, my tribute to Gayle's St. David's Day Challenge, if you haven't seen, check it out here, she found some cool little goodies for the prize! The challenge was to create a project using green and yellow, two of my favs!

I went with an altered canvas, about 8x11". I started with a beautiful piece of pattern paper. I knew I wanted to do a few flowers, so I decided to use some embroidering floss as the flower stems and did that first before I got out the handy Mod Podge (of course) adding a full layer above and below the PP to attach it to the canvas. I Let it dry then added my embellishments. I cut out a few flowers, added some doodling, some rub-on's, dangle ball ribbon, a few butterflies out of book text, and tried a few painting texture techniques.

Here you can see the Bubble wrap I used to add some dimension as well as a roller stamp in another shade of yellow for more texture and shading. I doodled on the flowers and butterflies to add more interest to them and to tie them into the black rub-on's I used at the bottom of the piece.

This is a good shot of the screen technique, where I brushed on a layer of green craft paint, rested a small screen on the paint while it was drying but picked it up before it stuck permanently, instant circle design!

Those are my Sunday Funday projects, hope you get inspired to break out the Mod Podge and have some fun To learn more about Mod Podge or just see some really fun project ideas, go HERE!

Lastly, please help our friends in Japan if you can and continue to hold them in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with this terrible tragedy. Click on the picture to learn more about ways you can help.

Have a blessed day.


6 Scrappy thoughts:

Jean said...

Your tower is amazing! I just love your canvas! The background is wonderful. Great colors.

gayle said...

Love both of these K, what a great way of remembering a trip!
The canvas is wonderful, such happy and bright colours!

Very sad about the earthquake and the other troubles that have followed, keeping them in my thoughts xx

dianapena8 said...

Brilliant keepsake idea K, and the canvas is so PRETTY, I have a pic I want to add to a canvas and would really like to play with paint but that is something I am not comfty with, thanks for sharing with us some of the techniques, would love to get a tutorial on some of those techniques (hint hint ;)

going to check out the donation page, thanks for sharing =D

Mod Podge Amy said...

These are such great projects!! I never saw the eiffel tower at Michaels. That turned out so cute. And I love the bubble wrap technique!

Michelle said...

Oh that Eiffel Tower is so cool!!!! I love the canvas as well!! Great springy colors!

Erica said...

Very cool canvas! I really like the butterfly coming off the canvas.