Monday, March 25, 2013

Are you ready for Easter?

Today sees the beginning of Easter week so it's time to think about finishing off those Easter projects and getting those cards posted :)

There are chocolate eggs of various shapes and sizes hidden away around our house ready to be cracked open on Sunday :)

We're also making preparations for our family meal on Easter Sunday (everyone is making a different part of the meal so we're all looking at recipes and finding ingredients).  I'm lucky to just be making part of the starter because I'll be working.

What do you have left to do for Easter?

Gayle xx

3 Scrappy thoughts:

butterfly said...

Gorgeous colours, beautifully blended to that glowing centre!
Alison x

Erica said...

These cards are beautiful. I love the inking, especially the pop of turquoise. Happy Easter!

Jean said...

Wow - these are gorgeous cards!