Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stamping with Faber Castell Gelatos

Hi!  It's Julie here today and I'd like to share how you can use Faber Castell Gelatos (which are AMAZING by the way) to stamp watercolor backgrounds on cardstock for a pretty little card.

Gelatos are pigment sticks which bare a close resemblance to chapsticks but don't use these on your lips!  :)  They are a nice, creamy color stick that is great for coloring (dry) or really neat to play with wet.  

The picture below shows the grape gelato just scribbled on a piece of white paper.  These are super fun to use on a surface primed with Gesso as they blend and spread color very well.

 The colors below were used on our project today. 

I used a Cling stamp from Unity Stamp Co. and liberally colored my gelatos directly onto the stamp.  I then used a mini mister of water to spritz water on the stamp a few times.  Then I stamped directly onto a white piece of cardstock.  This was the resulted watercolor background:

 The YouTube video shows the technique.  I hope you enjoy the VERY poorly shot video.  My normal camera girl (my lovely daughter) was at school so I rigged a 3 foot high pile of magazines to give me hands free filming!  I'll get a tripod one of these days!!!  :)

Have a wonderful crafty day!

2 Scrappy thoughts:

gayle said...

Great demo Julie :) I haven't used these yet but they look like fun :)

dianapena8 said...

My stamping ceativity is very limited, but I am realy enjoying your video tutorials =Di