Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

Hello, Diana here; are any of you hooked on Pinterest? I am for sure; this is the place to go if you are looking for inspiration. I have a Board titled “I want to make this” these images are from that board

Pinterest Sources: Image1- Image2- Ballard Design

I went to different thrift stores in searched of nice frames for different projects I’ve been making. I painted this one in white using Rust-Oleum with Primer.

I purchased a roll of Chicken Wire at Lowes and measured it to be slightly bigger than the back of the frame.

If you have one of those big staplers it will be easier to attach the wire using that tool. Since my husband did not have a stapler he gave me these curved nails and a hammer, it took me forever but I got the mission accomplished.

This is the finished project.

And here it is hanging in my room holding my jewelry, I used Tim Holtz Hinge and Hanger Clips.

Since I already had my fingers in pain trying to hold that tiny nail and hit it with a huge hammer, I decided to add a small piece of the chicken wire to my next project, and this is how it came out

This Cork Board will go in my scraproom , the frame is also from a thrift store and I painted it using Black Chalk spray paint, this paint has a very nice finish.

I’ve been re-decorating my scraproom and making a few more decorations for the house, so stay tuned for future Pinterest Inspiration posts like this one J

Hope you all have an Amazing day

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The Scrappy Tree said...

Wow Di, you really are a woman of many talents! Great project :) xx