Friday, May 20, 2011

Ssh! Can you keep a secret?

I hope you don't mind, but my project to share with you today is... my wedding invitations! I know that with summer coming there will be a lot of weddings coming up, and mine is no exception! Ours will be more towards the end of the summer (beginning of September) but as we'll be going to Disneyworld in Florida I've got my fingers crossed for some great weather (in the morning at least!).

I've been working on these off and on for some time now, and although they may look quite simple I can guarantee you that it was suggested several times by my nearest and dearest that they should have been simpler!

I'll start with the invites themselves (I also made RSVP cards although at this point I already know most of my guests will be coming!).

I chose cream for the background card as it seemed more bridal (and less stark than the white) and embossed with a Tim Holtz/Sizzix swirls embossing folder. I cut out a background shape in red cardstock, and the words 'Happily Ever After' on plain cardstock, using the Storybook Cricut cartridge. I wanted the words 'Happily Ever After' to be written in gold but couldn't find card or paper that I was happy with the colour of, so ended up painting each one twice in gold acrylic paint (with the help of a very generous friend!). I cut out one big circle and two smaller ones from black cardstock using hole punches, and stuck these together into the shape of Mickey Mouse, with a trail of gold Stickles to make it look like a balloon. I tied the inner sheets into the card using red ribbon and tied a bow to make it look more decorative. If you like Disney, there are lots of Disney fonts available to download for free on the internet (I wrote mine in red and black ink!).

And here's the finished article!
The RSVP cards were much simpler! I had a circular RSVP stamp which was about the same size as one of Mickey's 'ears' so decided it would be just perfect to use this as the other 'ear'! I stamped the RSVP in black StazOn ink and then added a larger black cardstock circle and a smaller one to make it look like Mickey. I used small scalloped cards in the same cream colour as the main invitations.
And here are the two together! If you're tempted to try making your own my advice would be to play with a few designs until you find something simple that you really love! On reflection it would have been easier to theme the invites along the design of my RSVP cards, but I didn't start working on them until after I completed the invites, so maybe start there! Also, enlist the help of friends if you can - it was taking me forever to paint things in the shade of gold that I wanted and it was no end of help when a friend offered to help me out ;)
I'm hoping to get as many hand delivered as possible but will certainly be enlisting the groom's help as I'm doing some long shifts at the moment ;) hope you like them! Please excuse the photos, I haven't managed to be home much during daylight hours(!) but I hope you can see the idea :)

Happy Friday and happy scrapping ;)

Gayle xx

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Remnant said...
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Pigott Clan said...

these are super cute and looks like a LOT of work went into them!! Love them, tfs!!

SugarGem said...

Cute and fun and beautiful. Congratulations!

Diana Joy said...

Your invites are fabulous; and yes...I can see that they were a lot of work. The rsvp cards are cute. Don't forget to save one for your scrapbook. Congrats.

dianapena8 said...

My Goodness! they are Beautiful, and you put a lot of work in them, loving the RSVP Mickey.
You did a Fantastic job on these G, they are so unique and creative :)

Joyce said...

Gayle - Those are just amazing!!!

Julie Boeck said...

Gayle, these are beautiful! They speak to who you are and they are just perfect!!

Jean said...

So creative. Love the invite! It is very elegant! Congrats!

Gez said...

Wow! These are just STUNNING! Wow!

Many Congratulations ♥♥