Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hi everyone, we wanted to send you a quick update on a few things:

*We are extending the New Year, New Beginning Challenge to Sunday January 17th. We also are changing the location to upload your entry to. Please send it to the TST community (if you have already emailed your entry in, we will move it for you but check out the community if you haven't already). See the earlier posts and samples for inspiration and requirements. It's not to late to take part and the winner will receive the very first Scrappy Tree Kit!

*Our Sneak Peak of the up and coming Candy Grams for Valentines Day will be here soon, we are firming up a few details but get those orders ready! We will be creating and shipping home made Valentine Candy Grams which will include your personal Valentines messages to any where in the US (at special request to the UK too). Stay tuned!

* Visit TST community to review Julie's Inspiration challenge, January's challenge ends this Friday, get inspired, get Scrappy! This will be a regular monthly challenge so if you are busy this month, look for more awesome inspiration next month. Join the group, join the fun!

*Lastly, to all of The Scrappy Tree's recent winners, we are finally shipping out your prizes, sorry for the delay, we are still working out our kinks :) Thanks for your patience and most importantly for your support!

Have a wonderful day and remember!

Don't worry, be Scrappy!

The Scrappy Tree Team

4 Scrappy thoughts:

dianapena8 said...

Oh! glad I still have time =Di

Michelle said...

I am so totally slipped my mind!! :o I think I need to alter a notebook to jot down all this scrappy stuff!! I will try to get mine done..

Jennie said...

I have joined and added my photos too :)

humel said...

Now singing along to 'Don't worry, get scrappy' lol! Has anyone worked out full scrappy lyrics to that song?!