Monday, March 22, 2010

Flower fun for kids

This week we will have a few fun projects to get the littlest crafters involved in National Craft Month! Today I will be sharing a project that will be quick, easy, fun and use supplies you most likely have at home already! You should be able to do this project with the kids in your life in no time at all. Your little crafter will make a personalized flower and be able to display it in your home or give it as a little Spring gift.

Supplies Needed: White paper, Washable Tempera Paint, paint brushes, green construction paper or cardstock, scissors, glue or glue stick, wet towel for quick clean up.

I had my daugther start making her leaves for her flower. To do that, you will need the green paint and paint the bottom of one foot. This will result in lots of laughter if your little crafters are ticklish! Once the foot is covered in green paint, help the little crafter step down on the paper. **Quick tip: tape the white paper to the floor. That will avoid the paper sliding.** Do a quick clean up of the foot with a wet towel. Repeat with other foot.

The finished leaves will need to dry, but Tempera paint dries very quickly. You could start your little crafter making her flower petals while it dries.
To make the flower petals, have your little crafter pick out what color they would like to use. My little one chose yellow. We painted her hands and she placed her hands in a flower design. This part is up to your crafter. If they want a big flower, they might use a lot of hand prints! Do another quick cleanup with the wet towel when complete. Allow for drying time.
Once the flower petals and leaves are dry either you or your crafter could cut them out. You will also need to cut the stem base at this time using either green construction paper or green card stock. Use a ruler to get a straight stem. Once all pieces are cut out, it is a quick assembly using glue or a glue stick. Here is the final product from my little crafter:

Happy Crafting!!

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